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Our Story

Our Story


Solidified as a DC staple, Madness is highly respected. The brand is noted as the fore fathers of urban couture and apparel and hails as one of the first black owned thriving businesses nationally and a premiere street wear company. Madness occupies a very unique  section of both the local and national niche-market clothing industry. Madness carries with it a brand, a history and a lifestyle deeply embedded into the urban culture of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. Since its inception a "Summer Madness" breakout project in 1985, Madness has become the front runner in the urban fashion market until business was halted in the early 2000s.

In its 30 years of operating, Madness has gained considerable fan fare and is synonymous with quality and cutting edge fashion concepts in the minds of consumers. The brand stands out amongst the competition with it's  unique cultural roots in 1980s Washington, D.C. and the continual strides that it takes merging the history of art, music, and fashion in today’s market. Moreover, their involvement with community planning and philanthropy. Supported heavily by the culture and music of the people and carrying A timeless "Madness Lives On" slogan and appeal, the brands recognition is as a staple that has had sustenance and longevity. In 2014, the story of Madness was curated and was a key component in the Corcoran Gallery of Art, “Pump Me Up” Exhibit; this installation showcased the relevancy and fusion of street art, graffiti artists, go-go music as well as the DC culture and way of life. Madness also has the support of local tastemakers that have gained celebrity and national notoriety.

The brand has outfitted and work with artist ranging from the late great Chuck Brown, Wale, Sugar Bear and EU, Sean "P Diddy" Combs, Dougie E. Fresh and Nas to local power houses like Kenny Burns, Tony Lewis Jr. and Anwaa Big G Glover to name a few. Co Founders Eddie Van and Tyrone Johnson remain community leaders in support of other artist and businesses that power the African American wealth circuit. These men, along with the entire madness organization have grasped the attention and continue to promote a lifestyle clothing brand for the the leaders of the new cool. Especially with their current anticipation for their December 26 holiday fall release and Online store opening. Being synonymous with lifestyle music, fashion, boxing and political events, Madness product has successfully had effective outlets to market internationally; where there is a huge japanese following, Madness is a name synonymous with DC culture. It carries with it a brand, a history and a lifestyle deeply embedded into the urban culture of the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area.